Well Hello Gorgeous! 

Kiley has worked with musicians, models, actresses, moms, families, fortune 100 companies--you name it. She has worked on everything from magazine covers/editorials to weddings, maternity pictures, commercials to tv shows. You name it, she does it.

"For all aspiring makeup artists out there, go for it. There are no rules to makeup. There's just a silent flow that comes from your mind, to your fingertips. It's always evolving. Always changing. I'm still learning this craft daily, and doing something that I really love to do.
It doesn't matter how accomplished the photographer is, where you shoot, who you shoot with. What matters is that together, you are your best creative versions of yourselves. And you can enjoy the journey, the dance of creativity together.
Don't let anyone discourage you, or make you feel less creative or talented. If you feel it in your bones, work at it. Don't give up. Trust your instincts. Push yourself. But more over, enjoy! What we do washes down the drain, literally. How we live, lasts forever!"